About Us

BBC is a high-end authentic patisserie and bakery store specializing in contemporary pastries, breads and other baked products. The brand has always been about quality and excellence. Each of our offerings, from our cakes, mini creations, macarons, chocolates, croissants all adhere to the strictest standards of perfection and elegance. Our flavour combinations, delicate finishes, glazes and festive offerings are comparable to any of the leading bakery brands around the country



Using a blend of foreign and domestic flours and techniques, BBC offers guests high-quality breads that meet international standards as well as cater to local tastes.

Cakes and Entremets

Using imported butter-cream frostings and ganaches, BBC offers its guests a range of rich and flavorful cakes with the option of customized flavors and designs to create a unique and memorable experience.

Mini Creations

Moving away from rich cream and truffle based pastries, BBC offers its guests uniquely designed individual creations with very distinct flavour combinations and delicate presentations.